01. Iran has refused to [extradite] hijackers of an American jet to the U.S., stating that Iran explains nothing to anyone but God.
02. In the fall of 1989, Britain began proceedings to [extradite] General Augusto Pinochet to Spain to face charges of torture during his brutal dictatorship in Chile.
03. The government of Mexico has announced that it will [extradite] six alleged members of an armed Basque separatist movement to Spain.
04. A Supreme Court judge has ruled that there's sufficient evidence to [extradite] John Graham to the United States to stand trial for the murder of a woman in South Dakota almost 30 years ago.
05. Poland has requested the [extradition] of a former prisoner of war commander on charges of beating and torturing prisoners and creating inhuman conditions at the Swietochlowice camp.
06. It should be the responsibility of every nation to ensure that those who have committed murder be [extradited] to their homeland to face the consequences of their crime.
07. Sweden has said it will not [extradite] the accused unless there is a guarantee that he will not face the death penalty in his home country.
08. An American Senator has called upon the Mexican government to help make it easier to [extradite] criminals who flee to Mexico.
09. The Mexican government has said it may refuse to cooperate with requests for [extradition] unless the country seeking [extradition] assures that it will not impose the death penalty.
10. American authorities are hoping to [extradite] a British hacker accused of breaking into nearly 100 government and private-sector computers.
11. Iran recently announced that it has arrested 130 suspected members of a terrorist organization and is ready to [extradite] some of them.
12. A hearing is being held to determine if the suspect has committed an [extraditable] offence.
13. According to the laws in this nation, the Attorney General can order the arrest of a person if there is reason to believe that the person is [extraditable].
14. The United Nations considers both drug trafficking and money laundering to be [extraditable] offences.
15. He is to be [extradited] to France, where he will finally be tried for his war crimes.

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